Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Whale Spit and Diving

Hi everyone

Our students who have been completing the Scuba program have been very interested in the white bottles dotted around the edge of the pool
The Norwegian Whale spit - premium stuff apparently - is used to defog their masks prior to the dive.
The tank itself is most impressive:

The UAT tank is 24 foot deep and is held at a temperature of 91 Fahrenheit, according to Google this is 7.3m and 32 degrees centigrade. The top of the pool has a shelf that is 1.6m deep which allows the students to stand and take instructions from the trainers. They then practice the skills they need by kneeling on the stand before heading down the ladder to the obstacles and activities at the bottom of the tank.

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  1. This looks nothing like 24 feet of water it looks more like 8 feet of water