Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Night

Evening everybody

I think it is Sunday evening but really who knows.  This jet lag thing is very confusing.

We arrived at camp at 11.30 last night and the students were sent straight off to bed and as far as we are aware did just that.  Everyones body clocks are a bit out of whack so going to sleep was quite hard.

Today the students have had organsied activities until space camp proper started.  At 2pm they were put into their groups, Von tiesenhausen, Holderer and Von Braun (apologies for spelling).  Then the excitement started- they have been kitted out in their jump suits and have started properly into their programme. 
Tom and I don't have much of a programme and it has probably harder for us to stay awake all day than for the students.  Tomorrow the students are starting to train for their respective missions, for those who are scuba-ing they start orientation to that tomorrow as well.
The students aren't allowed their phones during the day and really only have a chance to call or text at 10pm at night.  If you really need to talk to your son or daughter please email us and we will make sure we track them down during that time and get them to call.
We have some shopping to do to tomorrow- we had over looked that we are "down south" and girls can't show their shoulders so I'm off to Walmart tomorrow to buy Tshirts for the girls and jandals- you aren't allowed to walk barefoot inside the Habitat.  All things we learn.

Tom is in charge of photos tonight and is trying to transfer photos to the blog as we speak. The photos don't show up with the main text in the blog you have to Tab along until you see the labels for the photos- at the moment we have LA photos and Space Camp Photos. We are planning our day tomorrow to get some good team shots to hopefully post tomorrow night.

There is a group of Australians here as well.  Nice to have a similar accent and some people that just don't nod politely when you say we are from New Zealand.

Take care



  1. Hi all, hope you are all having a wonderful time, it sure looks like it. Keep those texts and photos coming, they are great.
    Linda & Aunty Lisa

  2. Hi Everyone
    Great to hear/see about the trip so far. Sounds and looks Fantastic!
    Enjoy your week at Space Camp - hope it's a Blast!
    And thanks Tom and Louisa for looking after the kids so well.
    Keep those blogs and photos coming.
    Nicky and Ron