Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day Two of Disney

Hello everyone

Today was the second day of our Youth Education Programme at Disney.  We went on the Keepers of the Kingdom behind the scenes tour.  Not nearly as good as the programme on Monday at Magic Kingdom. The students did get to go on the premier ride as VIPs.  The ride was the Everest ride and was everything you could imagine a trip to Everest to be- complete with the Yeti.  On this YES programme they were very strict about us not taking photographs.
After the YES programme the students were ready to hit the theme park at full force... Everest was conquered again with photos purchased of our perfectly posed students. The Dinosaur ride took us back in time to the time before the meteorite collision that may have caused their extinction.  The special effects were incredible and the thought that had gone into the creation of the experiences meticulous.
A Bugs Life in 3D was another awesome feature- showing many of the worlds insects flying millimetres away from your face.  The special effects in this one included being stung by a hornet and sprayed by a stink beetle.  Very clever.
The best ride on a 31 degree day was the Kali River rafting experience.  Somehow Tom managed to get absolutely drenched- I got a a few splashes.  Couldn't have planned it better.
The park also included some real life animals-from African Safari animals to creatures of the Asian jungles.  The animals were coaxed to be in the right place at the right time by careful design of feeding and sleeping places.  There were animals that I hadn't seen before such as Bats and Raptors that were fascinating to watch.
The whole Disney experience is massive with such attention to detail.  We are looking forward to Friday when we are back for our final theme park day.
All the troops met up again at 5.30- we were expecting requests to stay longer but surprisingly the students wanted to come back to the Hostel and organise their dinners.  The kids are very tired but loving every opportunity that passes their way- when they all meet back up after a day going in different directions they are all pleased to see each other and talk non stop about what they have been doing. A lot of friendships have been forged that wouldn't have naturally formed at school.
Another fantastic day was had by all.  Tomorrow we are off to Cape Canaveral to the Kennedy Space Centre and another look at the Saturn V technology and Apollo missions.  We will be having lunch with an Astronaut and spending some time in the space center there.
 Take care everyone
Until tomorrow


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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Great to read all these blogs and see all the photos. Looking forward to more of the same when you all get home. This really has to be the ultimate school trip!
    Enjoy your day tomorrow at Kennedy Space Centre. The tour of the Saturn V and launch areas will be so fascinating - not to mention lunching with an astronaut who has been on some of the space missions - how amazing! Hope you have lots of questions organised!
    And don't forget to have a thrillseeking ride on a roller-coaster or two for us over here on Friday (even though I am too much of a wimp to ever go on a big one!) Enjoy your last few days. Time for any more shopping - maybe?? I wonder how many of you will have to lie on your suitcases to get them closed before heading home?!
    Nicky, Ron and Neve.