Saturday, 14 April 2012

Last day in Orlando

Hi everyone

Well it's Saturday morning here and we are on our tour bus heading for cocoa beach and the start of the Eco tour day.

I will have a blog up tonight before we leave Orlando.

It's enough to say Friday was hectic with all the students cramming in as much Disney as possible until late afternoon when they got a chance to get some last minute gifts. I think there will be some very unique gifts coming home as well as the brightest colored shoes I have every seen.

The shoes will fit in well with the fluoro fashion of christchurch for the last 18 months.

The packing mission has started and everyone especially Louisa is glad we bought some luggage scales. There maybe some old bits of clothing being left behind still.

More to come later tonight then it's the marathon trip home.

P.S. If anyone makes very good coffee ill happily swap you a student for one as my withdrawal symptoms are not good. American coffee seems to lack something.


Tom WK


  1. Well everyone its been an awesome trip but time to return to little ole Christchurch in a couple of days. Hope the plane gets off the ground after all that shopping, not mentioning any names, (Louisa). Enjoy Hollywood and safe journeying to you all. I am looking forward to the photos and stories you have got to tell.
    Take care

  2. Safe trip home everyone!!I'm sure Josh's bag will be half full so feel free to share his Louisa!!! Kinda wish the trip could continue as looks fantastic but can't wait til Tuesday!! Trim flat white Tom or something stronger!! Nikki Lynn

  3. Hi everyone,
    Hope your last day in Florida went well and was lots of fun - as the rest of the trip seems to have been! Looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday - going to take a while to come down to Earth after this trip I think! Enjoy the LA tour too when you get there - see if you can spot a celeb or two!
    Think there might be lots of coffees awaiting you - Tom and Louisa on your return. Kids might need some too to keep them awake after all the flights! We'll know how to spot you - we'll just look for all the fluoro shoes walking off the plane.
    Happy and safe travelling and message for Seth -
    have you charged your phone yet?!
    See you all soon - can't wait!
    Nicky, Ron and Neve