Monday, 2 April 2012

The end of the first full day.

Good evening again everybody.
Well today we have completed the first full day at space camp.  The students are into it.  Today Seth and Adam have been in the SCUBA tank doing their underwater astronaut training.
One of the other groups have been on a practice shuttle mission.  There are cameras in the shuttle and as chaperones we are able to view the live feed.  What we saw tonight was largely comedy.  I wouldn't have wanted to be flying on this shuttle. 
Izzy was trying to re-write the script and was heard telling the camp tutor that the script was wrong.  (it's been used on the odd training mission before) Charlotte is flight commander and whilst very good is still finding her commanding voice.  The students had bought some sugary sherbet stuff and were eating it every time the counsellors back was turned.  Hmmm this time we really do have eyes everywhere.
Our students have started a sunglasses wearing trend that is being followed by other non- New Zealanders.  They do look odd (ridiculous) sitting in a darkened shuttle simulator with their sunnies on. 
Meanwhile our third group were having a go on the multi axis trainer.  A spinny chair that you are strapped into and spun around through all degrees of a sphere.  It looked very cool- but I am chicken and when the trainer offered me a go I ran away.  Anna was very cool calm and collected while being spun around.  Some of our students weren't sure if this was quite for them although I was assured it doesn't make you sick.

We are trying to get pictures of the students in as many activities as possible.  We aren't encouraged to be at all of the activities as we get underfoot.

As well as being photographers Tom and I went into the town of Huntsville today.  We had a little look around in the center of town and then caught a bus to Walmart.  It was my first time in a Walmart.  Predictably I got lost looking for safety pins and the assistant I asked for help was very amused when I told her I had never been to a walmart before.  Tom and I also found good coffee and some earl grey teabags so the world is looking brighter.

Everyone is feeling so much better today- on top of the jetlag and using all the opportunities that are coming along.  The students are literally on the go from 6.30am to 10.30pm.  They are already coming and asking if we can sleep in Florida.  (the answer is probably not, some of the Disney programs start really early- but don't tell them)

Take care everyone


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  1. Great descriptions Louisa,
    Yes it is frustrating at times being an observer and not even having a 'disciplinary' role!