Saturday, 7 April 2012

Arrival in Orlando

Hi everyone

We have now arrived in Florida and we are at our accommodation at the Palm Lake Front Hostel.

It is a sufficient hostel with everything we need. The location is amazing in terms of having shops close, bus routes outside and pretty close to Disney.

We will be able to continue with the blog which is great and will give you a more detailed update tonight.


Tom WK

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  1. Hi Louisa and Tom and the kids,

    once again thanks for keeping us posted, we wake-up in the morning with great anticipation as we read your days. Awesome to see that the kids are enjoying themselves and that you two are surviving. Had a little look on Kissimmee and found the city council calendar for April, I enclose it for your info:

    Not sure if you could access to it but if you can find a museum about African American and Hispanics, it would be highly educative for kids as they learnt about slavery in social studies at CHS, it is an important part of American history and the south is significant in this.

    Say HI to Victor from us, tell him we all cry every night over his photo on the wall!!!!especially his little brother who since the beginning of the school holiday has taken over the play station, he is in so much pain having the PS3 all by himself ;) !!! Seriously we miss V. lots and lots!!!

    I'm with you Tom with your comments about the cafeteria/canteen food at CHS...Victor was telling me that they now sell fizzy drink sand other unhealthy foods..if indeed it is the case then the school and BOT must take actions as this is a dangerous step towards becoming like the USA, NZ has already so much obesity and dibetes type 2. If you need any parental, we're in.

    Whilst you're getting all psyc-up for your bball game later this week just a bit of NZ ball news...last night the Breakers won 99-76 to the Crocs :)....they needed that win to go into the Finals this coming Thursday as they lost againts them last week...a B-I-G lost. They were on fire last night. Abercombie sprained/fxd his ankle( we don't know yet)...An unsportman fawl ( Victor would have liked that fawl!!) went to the Crocs...everyone is anxious now that Abercombie is potentially out of action. Phoenix lost 3-2 last night...sad as they were doing very well.

    That's all from us here...will read your adventures with great interest....Happy Easter..from the Fortins!!!