Friday, 6 April 2012

Last Post from Space Camp

Good evening everyone.

This is our last post from Space Camp.
Today we had graduation- which Tom has already put the photos up for.  We then took the students to Bridge St Mall.  This is a brand new pedestrian mall which is built around an artificial lake.  It had multitudes of shops- but all of a Merivale Mall type rather than a dress mart type of mall.  Still I think a bit of shopping was done.  The less hard core shoppers went to the movies.
And of course when Kiwi kids go shopping- someone bought a football and a piece of grass was found and they had to test out the aerodynamics of the ball.  A security guard was quickly on the scene and somewhat reluctantly did tell the students to stop.
At the end of the day we met for dinner at PF Changs for dinner.  An awesome Chinese restaurant where the kids could eat loads of veges.  We were a bit concerned about three of our boys choosing the hottest dish on the menu.  A little hot for the Josh's but cool as a cucumber Nick just ate it all up.
After birthday cookie cake (see Tom's Pictures) the waitress bought out fortune cookies. 
All good fun but some of the cookies suggested the students will find their hearts desire tonight.  I'm just pleased the space camp staff are in charge tonight or else I wouldn't sleep a wink.
The students were great today, we enjoyed spending the day out with them and we think they all had a good time having a low pressure day.

We have sent the students to pack- I'm picking there will be some issues here.  I know I'm struggling to fit everything back in my suitcase.

We will let you know when you get to Florida.

Take care everyone- Louisa
The photos below are of the students waiting outside the restaurant.

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