Saturday, 7 April 2012


Hi All

Well the accent has changed a bit from the Southern Drawl to a far more mixed bag of accents. Flying into Orlando was amazing- it looked so different to anything we had seen before- there were little lakes everywhere and just such a different landscape to where we had come from.  Orlando Airport is HUUUUUGGGGGEEEE.
We caught the monorail to the baggage claim- on the way passing the through the centre of the airport with its Hotel and own shopping mall.  But it was all easy and everything went to plan, the Manitur transport people meeting us at the airport and whisking us away to the accommodation.
The kids have complained all week about the camp food and the lack of vegetables- so we gave them their budget tonight expecting them to haul back stacks of vegetables.  However the only veges we have seen have been in the trolley of Tom and I.  To their credit a lot of cereal and milk was bought.
After dinner most of the kids hit the pool.  (after the required time break for safe pool swimming)  While we were there we saw a raccoon snuffling around the pool.  I mean where else does that happen.  Apparently there are turtles in the lake next to the "resort" as well.
The accommodation while basic is very cool and it is nice to see the boys playing basket ball until we sent them to bed.
The girls room looks like a suitcase bomb has gone off in it.  6 suitcases opened and spread around with complete abandon.  In the middle of it the girls are painting each others toe nails.  Madness- not that my suitcase and tidiness is much better- I had to lie on my suitcase this morning to get it to close.

Tomorrow is a sleep in and then off to see what is open before heading to Gator Land.  I'll let you know the highlights tomorrow night

Hope you are all safe and well back in New Zealand.  Take care.


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  1. Hi all
    What a great welcome to Orlando - nice weather, a game of basketball and a swim in the pool - not bad! You all deserve it after a pretty busy and demanding week. Also glad to hear that you didn't scare off the little racoon. Hope you manage to spot a few turtles while you are there too. All sounds great - really enjoying the blog and looking forward to hearing of the escapades and adventures of this coming week. I can't imagine any of you wanting to come home - it just sounds like you are all having such a great time - amazing opportunities! Enjoy!
    By the way - Happy Easter and belated Birthday wishes Nick and Katie - one Birthday you should both never forget!
    Nicky, Ron and Neve