Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Monday - Disney & Orlando Magic

Hi everyone

Monday was a very busy day and we left at 7am and didn't return until 11pm.

The day began with a trip to Walt Disney World (don't call it Disneyland they get very touchy). It is a small city by itself with its own motorway system and bus, train and yes ferry boat systems as well.

I am not sure who was the bigger kid myself (Tom) or the students when we walked into Main Street USA for the first time.

The students headed straight for the candy shop at 8:30am with Izzy leading the way but they all forgot about candy when they found the dress up section. Check out the photo page for a great one of the boys in their Mickey hats.

At 9am it was time to start our youth program. This was our first one and it was about energy and waves. They focused on the use of light and sound energy in the rides. The students got a mix of education on the theory of light and sound then a ride on an attraction that displayed the theory then a wrap up and onto the next theory. We did light energy and it's uses on the haunted mansion ride, UV light, reflection and refraction etc. the students got to go behind the scenes on this ride and see how Disney creates the Ghosts Ball Scene using reflection.

It was then off to The Lilo and Stitch ride so look at sound energy and it's use to tell the story while the ride was pitch dark. Josh L had an up close and personal encounter with a thunder can during one of the theory section. He must have jumped a good foot in the air and I think Seth was nearly bowled over. That's what happens when the educator asks you to close your eyes and then rattles the thunder can right next to you.

The program wrapped up with Mickey's Philharmonic which combines both sound and light in a 3D movie. It was a brilliant program and the students really enjoyed it from what I could see.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in Magic Kingdom trying to get through as many rides as possible. The students took care of themselves so I could go off and relive my childhood however I did meet up with them for Space Mountain, a very tame looking roller coaster that is anything but tame when you ride it. The idea of riding a coaster in complete darkness as the universe shoots by is a great one.

After the consumption of too much candy floss in Charlotte's case and way too much sugar is everyone else's we headed off to the Orlando Magiv Basketball game. What an amazing experience.

The tour company had arranged some brilliant tickets high up in the Amway Centre and it had a great view. The game was an absolute spectacle with cheerleaders, floating mascots, remote controlled blimps, bottomless sodas, music, lights oh and a game of basketball as well. The students were awe struck and so happy with the experience.

One that got absolutely amazing at the end with a surprise for all the students that even I couldn't believe.

I will have to leave you hanging until I can load some photos to explain.

For those of you wondering Orlando beat Detroit 119-89. It was a great game and tonight I will load some photos and explain the surprise.

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