Tuesday, 10 April 2012

High school, tubing and shopping

Hello everyone. I've been off the radar for a couple of days with food poisoning. So big thanks to Tom for looking after everything while I've been poorly.
Today we went to Dr Phillips high school. This is what is called a magnet school with different specialities that attract students to the school. Their performing arts centre was absolutely amazing. 3700 kids at the school which would take some organising.
Our students paired up with some students and went to classes for the morning. Some interesting subjects on offer including forensics and psychology.
After classes we went to Kelly Springs for tubing. A very mild stream that was a nice interlude before we went SHOPPING at the outlet mall. The students had two hours and it was bedlam. The first thing I bought was a carry on size suitcase and a set of scales to weigh luggage. I can see overweight luggage looming after the shopping done today. We were surprised to see the boys back first followed by our girls who had shopped to the last second.
Now they want more. And are trying to convince us what we can leave out of the programme to fit in more shopping. So Tom and I are looking at how we may be able to get there on Friday.
I'm sure you understand that this is stuff they absolutely need and no junk is being bought. I know I needed a new handbag and watch. (I also had to make a wee phonecall to the bank in NZ to extend my credit card limit whilst shopping)
We have had some quite long bus rides today in which I may have dozed off occasionally. When the kids think I'm asleep the conversation changes entirely into the inevitable of who likes who and who is pretending not to like who. Very interesting and quite amusing for Tom and I to watch. But as they say what goes on tour stays on tour and our lips are sealed.
Tomorrow we have another Disney day which I'm excited about as I missed the first day and then Cape Canaveral on Thursday.
The kids continue to be amazing in their behavior and enthusiasm. "look there is a squirrel, look look, I've never seen one before" much to the amusement of the locals. and "look how much traffic there is- there is probably more people on this motorway right now than live in New Zealand"
Whilst they are loving America I think they appreciate New Zealand more and more
Until tomorrow

Take care everyone

Our students with the hosts from Dr. Phillips High School:

Nick, Josh C and Adam with their hosts for the morning - I think they may have enjoyed the company

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