Friday, 6 April 2012

Our students celebrating!

What an awesome week and our students have made us and the school very very proud!


  1. Well done you guys!! Awesome achievement! Loving the blog!So pleased you have completed the week without using the storm cellar!!I am now a honourary storm chaser on the tornado alley website!Thanks Louisa and Tom Orlando here you come! Nikki Lynn x

    1. Congratulations Space campers. What an unbelievable experience you've had!
      Continue to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way and savour every moment of this fantastic trip. Remember to shout Tom and Louisa a coffee or treat to show them your appreciation of all their support. Enjoy.
      PS for Adams eyes only, missing you heaps. XOX :)

  2. Fantastic - we think that might be the best photo of you guys yet! Well done everyone - what an amazing week you have all had. It has been great to follow the blog and the photos/videos. Well done Louisa and Tom! Ron too has become an honorary storm and tornado chaser. Amazing what you can follow on the internet (to make parents worry).
    Watch out Orlando (when you guys get there)! Looking forward to more blogs form the next part of your adventure. Keep on enjoying. Special Hi to Seth. xx
    Nicky, Ron and Neve

  3. That's a great photo guys ...I hope it is a high res one so we can blow it up and put on the wall.


  4. Congradulations to ALL of you and thank you so much Louisa and Tom. What an awesome experience...savour every moment of this wonderful trip. This is such a cool picture, thanks for sharing all this with us.

    Love the hat V!