Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Scuba and Photo Update

Hi everyone

Just a quick note to update the previous post from Louisa. I have just returned from watching Izzy and Millie complete their Scuba dive. As with Seth and Adam last night they are over the moon (excuse the pun) with this experience. They are diving in a 24 foot tank (7m) which is around 4m in diameter. At the bottom of the tank there are a series of skills they have to perform. From shooting weighted balls through a hoop to assembling a trapezium out of lengths of pipe. I think this is going to be one of many highlights for the students who participate. We are lucky enough to get photos at the top of the tank before they dive and through portholes in the base of the tank. I have created another page for these Scuba Photos so take a look.

I have also added more photos of students completing tasks in the sims that Louisa has mentioned. These include Seth and Adam in the multi axis trainer and a video of Victor trying to walk on the moon.

All the best

Tom WK

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  1. Great comments, descriptions and photos ... thanks guys. With the hot weather are there thunder storms coming? I see there were tornadoes in Texas this week.
    If you want a good background read on the role of the Germans in the Space Race, James Michener's book "Space" is an easy read and has quite a bit on von Braun and his time in Huntsville.