Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lazy Day and Gatorland

Hi everyone

Today (Sunday) in Florida has been a relaxing and enjoyable day spent for most people in bed till mid morning then mucking around the hostel until the washing was finished. Thankfully everyone has now been able to do some washing, not that anyone smelt to bad!

The afternoon was spent heading out on an adventure to Gatorland. We braved the public transport system here in Orlando and it was very good. It was a long ride to Gatorland but once there it was fun to see what is essentially an alligator farm.

It was a very hot day and we only spent about 1 1/2 hours at Gatorland but it was enough time to see jumping alligators and the up close encounters show. Louisa and myself managed to get very close to a tarantula and also watched a large boa constrictor being handled by the audience.

Tomorrow will see us off to the first of our Disney Youth Education Series programs. The first program is at the Magic Kingdom Theme park within Walt Disney World and is based around the energy of roller coasters and light used to make the special effects within many of the rides.

It is a short blog tonight however it does reflect the lazy nature of today, I have to say that all of the students are looking better for it and are now ready for more adventures this week.

I have added a few photos to a new Gatorland page so have a look and below are our students at the entrance to Gatorland.

All the best
Tom Wilkinson

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