Friday, 6 April 2012

Graduation: Mission Accomplished

Hi everyone,

Its Friday here at Space Camp and our students have just graduated from the Advanced Space Camp Program. They have had an incredibly successful week and all are absolutely buzzing about their experiences here at Camp. We had some successes with our teams, Adam and Seth were part of Team Holderer who won the Space Bowl Trivia Quiz last night.

Team Von Braun - Josh C, Victor, Izzy, Millie and Charlotte won the outstanding team of the week for the Advanced Space Camp program. There were only 4 other students from other countries in the team who were made honorary Kiwi's for the week

The Von Tisenhausen team also took home a prize for winning the engineering challenges throughout the week

Below are photos of our students graduating in their teams:

Team Von Tiesenhausen 
From Left: Nick, Kamen, Bry, Josh L, Andrew, Katie, Anna, Jonathan
Team Holderer
Adam and Seth in their multi-national team
Team Von Braun
From Left: Josh C, Victor,Charlotte,Izzy,Millie

Charlotte Displaying the outstanding team patch awarded to her team

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