Friday, 30 March 2012

Aux-LA flight and Santa Monica

We're here!!!! We have had our first sights, scenes and tastes of LA.

Our flight from Chch to Auckland went off without a hitch, everyone was enjoying themselves and Kamen managed to get himself a seat right at the front. Few jealous teachers and students.

Everyone had a nice stroll from the domestic terminal to the international and Adam managed to squeeze in some more food. It was the start of a common theme for the boys with food consumed at any opportunity.

Our flight to LA got off to a slow start with the flight delayed an hour. Once under way all the students became thoroughly engrossed in the on board entertainment system. Josh L, Andrew and Izzy soon found the amenities page and ordered toothpaste and brush and a sleeping mask. They then proceeded to eat the toothpaste and customize the masks to the delight of the small kids in front of them.

Most students managed to get some sleep but winner of staying awake all flight was Josh L, closely followed by Bry who lasted until 20mins before landing.

Joke of the flight goes to Bry and Andrew who managed to turn on the muppets movie in Spanish on Tom Wk headphones when he had fallen asleep, I now know not to fall asleep before the students in the future.

The girls managed to consume an awesome amount of chocolate on the plane and were also so worried about declaring food on the customs sheet that they decided to eat all of the Lillie's they had before we landed.

LA greeted us with a cosy 17 degrees and we only arrived 30mins late. The trip to the hostel was a chance for students to absorb the massive scale of LA and the boys seem especially impressed with the fancy cars.

After checking in to the hostel we went for a stroll on Santa Monica pier and the students got their first taste of American food. Most enjoyed awesome burgers however a Josh C, Adam, Seth were less than impressed with their taco bell.

Before bed we all took a stroll up to 3rd street promenade with the girls champing at the bit to go shopping. Oddly enough nothing much was bought however they had a look of shear awe on their faces at the range of products.

So now it is off to bed with most of the students ready to catch up on some sleep. Time for Louisa and I to get some peace and update photos and emails

Off to Space Camp tomorrow! Another day of flying but everyone has been awesome. A real credit to themselves and Cashmere High.

All the best
Tom WK

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